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What We Do


What sets Coterie apart


Our work encompasses graphics and identity, interiors and styling, websites and digital experiences, curation and communications.


True Curiosity. We understand that our time is a complex one and that complexity demands real conversations, real listening and nuanced analysis.

Commitment to digging. We know what we don’t know and see the world and each person as endlessly different. Mining this depth of difference ultimately yields the most distinctive solutions.

Spatial Sophistication. We harness the synergies between architecture, film, interiors, fashion and art. Finding inspiration and surprising connections.

Perfectly delivered yet perfectly human. Able to live with ambiguity, shades of grey, imperfection and paradox. Ultimately, everything that make us unique.

Playing in the periphery. We allow ourselves to spend time outside the expected and the known. We look to artists, writers and urbanists for inspiration.  


Friends & Collaborators


Rebecca van de Sande

Rachel Kash

Jessi Brattengeier



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